The old 'Salford Bop Cats' from the 1970's reformed in 2010 as the 'Manchester Peacock Society' This page is all about the Manchester Peacocks.

Without doubt, one of the the most authentic looking group of Edwardian Teddy Boys to have emerged during 2010 in the Manchester, south east Lancashire and north east Cheshire area.  Most members of the Manchester Peacocks were originally members of the Salford Bop Cats during the 1970's.

Ray Ferris, Paul Ramsbottom, Peter Williamson, Paul Traynor, Clive Willetts and Phil Adams.

On Thursday 21st October 2010 the following article appeared in the Manchester Evening News: 

A band that rocked Salford during the 1970s are making a comeback, as a group of Teddy Boy grandads. When 1970s Britain swooned over T. Rex, David Bowie, and Slade, the 100-strong group of Salford Bobcats danced to a different tune. They embraced a rock 'n' roll revival and became Teddy Boys and later members of the group formed their own band. Now as they hit their 50s they are back, but this time in authentic drapes. They have all had tailor-made suits rooted in the Edwardian styling of the original Teddy Boys of the 1950s. Father of four, Paul Ramsbottom, 51, formed the Bobcats as a rock n roll appreciation society and the city's Condron Place was their club. Paul said: "By the mid 1980s we started to have families and the music took a back seat. But now our families have grown up and people are getting back together again." The remnants of the Bobcats, all 16 of them, have become the more refined Manchester Peacocks Society, and two of them are reforming the band. 

Paul said: "I once read an article from the Manchester Evening News printed back in the 50s. It referred to Teddy Boys as 'peacocks strutting their stuff round the town'.  Bit by bit people are coming out of the rock'n'roll woodwork.  In March we are holding an event for Teddy Boys from all over the country at Last Orders in Failsworth.  We are calling it PIMPS, Peacocks in Manchester Pride Show".  As a teenager Paul bought his first Teddy Boy suit from Hepworth's on Salford Precinct and his first Ted's night was at The Midland Hotel in Didsbury. He was once a T Rex fan and it was Bolan's admiration for Eddie Cochran which inspired him to become a Ted.  

His friend, Ray Ferris, a father of three, and grandfather of six, said: "In the 70s as a Ted you stuck out like a sore thumb." Ray also formed a rock'n'roll band, The Invaders, at the time and later another group 78 RPM. Lead singer and guitarist, he and fellow former Bobcat, Peter Williamson, a bass player, are reforming the band to play at the March gig. Paul is now writing a book called A Thousand Teds spanning the history of the movement across the north west from the 1950s. It is due out in March but Paul is still appealing for photos and memories. 


The original project of the book - One Thousand TEDS was scrapped in favor of TEDDY BOYS - A Concise History - see further down the page for further details of the forthcoming release.




 Members of the Manchester Peacock Society after the inaugral meeting on Sunday 29th May 2010. 



The original Salford Bop Cats in the 1970's


The Book:  TEDDY BOYS A Concise History by Ray Ferris and Julian Lord



No youth cult has been so enduring, yet so misunderstood, as the Teddy Boys. They were maligned by a British Establishment that had no clue what they were about, and as the movement grew that scorn turned to fear. Teddy Boys tells of their roots, the music of jive and boogie artists, how the fashion became associated with violence and how the Teds fell into decline after the 1958 Notting Hill Riots. Their spirit was preserved by the Rockers of the 60s and through the rising popularity of rockabilly across Europe and beyond.

'Teddy Boys - a concise History' is a great new book due to be released on 1st December 2012 and written by Ray Ferris and Julian Lord based on an idea from Paul Ramsbottom. Retail Price approx: £8.00. The Ted on the finalised front cover is London Gang member, Colin Donellan taken on 10th October 1953.  


N.B. Due to business commitments Paul Ramsbottom agreed that Julian Lord and Ray Ferris would take over the writing and production of the book and therefore the original idea was reconstituted from 'A Thousand and One Teds' into 'TEDDY BOYS - A Concise History'.



Should be available during December 2012 - currently at the Printers! 


Listen to the Mike Zodiac Rock n Roll Show broadcast in September 2012 featuring members of the Manchester Peacock Society (formerly Salford Bop Cats) reminisce over the Midland Hotel Day in Didsbury Manchester inn the 1970's and 1980's.


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More pictures of the Manchester Peacocks: