British Style Genius - The Street Look - Parts 1 & 2

British Style Genius was a major BBC2 documentary series celebrating the attitude and icons that drive the way we dress.  In the first programme 'The Street Look',  Teddy Boys are are featured with some good vintage archive footage from the 1950's demonstrating them as being the founders of the distinctive 'British Street Look'.

The five one-hour programmes that were shown every Tuesday from 7 October 2009 on BBC2 at 9pm took a fascinating look at what makes British fashion and style so distinctive - and so influential.  Across the programmes, the looks and trends that have come to define British style, from the high street to high-end couture, from bespoke tailoring to street style, from fashion rebels to traditionalist Sloanes are examined.


In the programme, 'The Street Look', British Youth Cultures are examined with particular reference to Teddy Boys. Familiar faces on the Ted scene, Brian Rushgrove and Frank 'Knuckles' Lacey are both interviewed and members of group Furious are featured along with some good historical footage of Teddy Boys in the 1950's..